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Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome to the Jam With the Band Wiki, the home of the BDX Mega Pack and many useful tools and guides for players of Jam With the Band, and it's Japanese version Daigasso! Band Brothers DX.

Getting Started

If this is your first time playing Jam With the Band, please visit the following pages for information on how to get started.

BDX Mega Pack - The Jam With the Band song pack.

BDX Tool - The easiest to use and most stable tool for adding songs to your Jam With the Band save file. Can load 50 songs into a Jam With the Band save and 100 songs into a Daigasso! Band Brothers DX save.

Degausser - Another tool that can be used to add more songs to a save file than BDX Tool, but is not as stable and requires additional preparation if you are playing the European version of the game. Can load 150 songs into a Jam With the Band save and 200 songs into a Daigasso! Band Brothers DX save.

Save Files - Blank saves, as well as saves filled with songs to let you jump into the game without having to deal with adding songs to a save file.

Compatibility List - Check this to make sure that the game works on your flash cart. If yours isn't listed, please check if it works and add the result to the page.

Latest activity

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